Digital Transformation In Iraq

Iraq is one of the Middle East’s most underbanked countries, yet 95% of the population has a mobile phone and 50% has access to the internet. Between these two channels, Iraqi citizens are now accessing valuable information and services. The availability and access to networking technologies like the internet and mobile phones, has laid the foundation for a digital economy and opened the door towards financial inclusion.

The Iraqi government has a bold and ambitious vision for sustainable development and is on the path to deliver wide sweeping structural reforms set out in the country’s recently published White Paper.

Iraq requires the full spectrum of digital services and is a prime market for international companies specializing in digitization and e-government.
The Iraq Digital Transformation Summit is the first event of its kind supporting Iraq in managing its digital transformation strategy, mobilizing the power of technology to achieve a world-class quality of life for its citizens, and improve Iraq’s competitiveness within the global economy.

Digital Technologies at the Iraq Digital Transformation Summit

Iraq Digital Transformation Summit draws together hundreds of innovative digital technology companies with their Iraqi counterparts to accelerate Iraq’s digitization strategy.

Participating organisations include:

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